Friday, September 23, 2016

MOST NOTORIOUS place for mosquitoes of dengue & chicken gunya are the PARKS in colonies

To All RWAs : 
These mosquitoes bite in day.They can be breeding in a drain in front of a house or in an open water tank in a house under construction or in any other ditch /collection of water from what ever source.Mosquitoes need blood for their meal for which they  fly upto 200 meters in morning  to reach people from the site of breeding.Since maximum numbers of stationary  people are available only  in parks,maximum numbers of these mosquitoes can be seen hovering around people sitting in parks .In the parks they are seen more on people sitting under a shade then those sitting in unshaded areas of parks as they avoid direct sun light.They are seen both in morning & evening.
The site of breeding is nearest to the place where they are seen in maximum numbers in  evening because it is this time that they emerge from the site of breeding & later spread  all over.
These mosquitoes are not in thousands but are in small numbers like 2-10 at a place & are small ,move with rapid action & most of them are already sitting on some portion of people already sitting in the area  which makes it difficult to see them if one is not aware.To find them one has to actually glare people all around them for which one should take their prior permission  by a simple question.
May I see if there are dengue mosquitoes biting you as they bite in day time?.
If all portions of all parks of a colony are free of dengue mosquitoes in morning & evening,one can say that the colony is safe.
It is necessary to practice to see dengue mosquitoes  & show it to people in park as well as to people living around parks so that they can take measures to prevent flow of excess  water in drains  or in pots & take measures to kill larvae.
One does not have to fear dengue  mosquitoes but has to detect them,detect breeding site & eliminate the breeding for the safety of all people including one,s own family members/friends. Before going to park,cover your body with thick cloths,apply odomos on uncovered portions & take a good mosquito racket with you.It is just a ten minutes job to finish them for ever  safely.
Asingle breeding place in a colony can give hundreds of dengue mosquitoes to whole of colony continuously  but initially there may be many such sites.
Fogging does not reach the breeding places whilelittle kerosene/petrol/diesel spreads  over the surface of water killing all larvae.
For any suggestions/quarries  please do email.
Dr VK Aggarwal

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