Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Suggestion for metro fare !

Dear Sir,

In my knowledge, as per report of metro fare committee slab rate declared is Rs.10, 15, 20, 30, 40 ,50.  Metro wants to fare double through new slab system.  Metro wants to collect the maximum fare through last three slabs i.e. Rs.30, 40, 50 and the metro wants give the minimum travel through begining three slabs Rs.10, 15, 20. Now the metro is showing Rs.250 crores loss per year and the earning above Rs.2000 crores per year, means loss is 10 to 12% only. so can increase the fare up to 10% maximum. but metro wants the fare double through new slab system, which shows no loss from passenger fare, because all passengers travelling with ticket and no with out ticket and metro earning the income from also other sources like: land, kiosks, shops, shopping mall, parking, banquet hall, marriage functions, other functions and any other some sources etc.

Metro have the 50 seats in one Coach, but 300 to 350 passengers are travelling in one Coach with tickets.  Standing passengers also travelling with tickets 30 lakhs approx. travelling on daily basis.  In my opinion DMRC earning the income Rs.5.0 Cr. to 6.0 Cr. on Daily basis from passenger fares only.  After complete the three phase and fourth phase, passengers will be double. i.e. upto 60 lakhs approx.

After increased the metro fare, other fare also to be increased like : DTC fare, Private Bus fare, Auto fare, taxi fare, Gramin Sewa fare, transportation etc.  So, market will be increased and maximum items to be increased in market.  In my opinion no need for increased the fare, otherwise passenger can be reduce and can go to own vehicles etc. 

Note: i) India is a poor country and not an U.S.A. and not a Singapore.  So, you can not compare from other Rich Country.  If DMRC want to increase the fare, then can be increased up to 10% maximum.  First. If government want to increase the growth and purchasing power of  Indain Public, then you can withdraw the money from public pocket  in the way of metro fare.  Please earn the income from other sources.


Adesh Jain

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