Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Waste management !

Dear Citizens, 

It is time we took responsibility for the amount of waste generated at our homes and within our communities. 

The Harit Kachra Kranti team trains people and communities on composting kitchen waste at home with the ultimate aim of reducing pressure on landfill sites.The benefits of composting at home are manifold.

- Protects environment as the green waste gets returned to mother Earth in pure form.

- Reduces pressure on waste landfill sites.

- Waste handlers at dhalaos sites learn to compost and earn from the sale of the rich soil used as fertilizer. It also protects them from health hazards arising from unsorted waste.

Many residents in Masjid Moth DDA Flats phase1, Sangam Vihar, Devli, Saket Golf view apartments, kitchen garden association of India and Safdarjung residents compost their kitchen wastes and have started the process to save their local garbage collection areas from stench and pests. The Gandhi Peace Foundation also endorses composting as a means to reduce city waste and supports our teams efforts.Residents of Masjid moth phase 1 after initial success in community composting are moving towards making their colony waste free.

You too can learn to compost! It is safe, clean, easy and requires minimal monitoring. Contact our team now to organize a composting workshop in your area.

Here's to a greener tomorrow!

Ranju Minhas

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