Thursday, September 13, 2018

What else you want Mr CM ?

<p>Rs.4,10,000 per month </p>
Telangana CM 4,10,000 pm, 

<p>Rs.3,90,000 per month </p>
Delhi CM 3,90,000 pm, 

<p>Rs.3,65,000 per month </p>
UP CM 3,65,000 pm, 

<p>Rs.3,40,000 per month </p>
Maha CM 3,40,000 pm,

<p>Rs.3,35,000 per month </p>
Andhra CM 3,35,000 pm,

<p>Rs.3,21,000 </p>
Gujrat CM 3,21,000 pm.....

This is the amount of Salary they get per month, and they say, they are here to serve the Country. Please check more details from the LINK of Yahoo Finance News.

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