Saturday, September 8, 2018

Hic...Hic...Hurray - Delhi Govt has now allowed the Microbreweries in Delhi !


But are we prepared for such microbreweries in Delhi? 

Nasheyaan ne pat te Punjabi Gabhru - And now homemade chilled beer in every locality?

That's great. At least the govt will get good revenue by way of Excise. Probably that's why DDA has allowed it. Delhi Govt has allowed it. LG has allowed it. Who cares for the Masterplan of Delhi 2021?

Be assured it won't have any Law n Order problem in your locality. No Pollution, no traffic jam, no congestion, and it won't have any impact on the safety & security of women in this Rape Capital.

Moreover, it will be easy to locate the growing teens as Delhi will soon become a BEER HUB or the BEER CAPITAL of India.

Enjoy Bro...who cares for the future of our even the so-called - AAM AADMI ki Sarkar has ALLOWED it. 

DDA is already in the process of increasing the number of workers from 5 to 10 and Electric load from 5kW to 11kW for the household industries in Delhi.

Hic... Hic... Hurray!

But do you know how it started? You will be shocked to find ki sabhi ek hi thaali ke chate batte hain. Please go through the News below:

Hindu - 7th February 2012

Cabinet pushes beer brewing proposal despite a ban in Delhi

The Master Plan for Delhi 2021 prohibits such manufacture

The interest shown by Delhi International Airport Limited (DIAL) to set up a micro-brewery in Delhi appealed so much to the Delhi Government that it has almost paved the way for allowing such activity at the airport and at five-star hotels.

Hush-hush discussions

On Monday, the Delhi Cabinet discussed the issue, but in a hush-hush manner, and while a number of schemes were announced following the meeting, not a word was said on the pushing forth of this liquor business proposal.
While the issue would be discussed again at the next Cabinet meeting, a note circulated on the matter admitted that as per the Master Plan for Delhi 2021, industry manufacturing “barley malt and extract” and brewery and potable spirits” shall be prohibited within Delhi.
The note said “a micro-brewery is a small-sized modern brewery that produces a limited amount of beer” and such projects would “provide freshly-brewed beer, free from additives and can be easily made available at the hotels, etc., that have a clientele of different profile.”
It also mentioned that following the “interest” shown by DIAL, a proposal in this regard was submitted before the Delhi Cabinet in the draft Excise Policy for 2009-10 and in September 2009, the Cabinet approved the proposal for introduction of licences to micro-breweries in form L-55. Accordingly, it said, the Delhi Liquor Licence Rules, 1976, were amended and licences in form L-55 were introduced for retail in vend of beer, manufactured by any micro-brewery.
Despite the Master Plan prohibiting such manufacturing, the Delhi Government pushed the matter and took “clarifications” from Delhi Development Authority and its own Industry Department.
In its response, DDA stated that a “micro-brewery is not in the list of industries but addition/alterations to the list of prohibited industries could be made in public interest and if considered appropriate by the Central Government.”
Thereafter the Delhi Pollution Control Committee and Central Pollution Control Board were also approached by the Delhi Government. DPCB demanded that the opinion of CPCB be taken and the latter submitted an Inspection Report to the DDA.
Later, the Excise Department of Delhi Government received a reference from the Union Ministry of Urban Development that the “DDA has forwarded the proposal for approval of the Ministry regarding permitting setting up of micro-brewery/brew hub at IGI Airport and hotels in Delhi rated five-star and above.”
The Excise Department in turn told the MoUD that the Delhi Government has “accorded its concurrence to set up a micro-brewery only at IGI Airport and for allowing micro-breweries at five-star hotels.”
The note also said the proposal has “become all the more important keeping in view the fact that Delhi is an important destination for foreign tourists and generally mild liquor/fresh brewed beer is preferred as compared to hard liquor.”

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