Saturday, September 8, 2018

Microbreweries in Delhi - Mr D B Sood from whatsApp

There is a saying: "An open gate will tempt a saint". Scatter microbreweries everywhere. Easy access will tempt 🏫 schoolboys even girls 8th/9th class onwards, not to speak of college going ones. 

Today will be 🍺 beer,  2 morrow 🍷 wine,  day after whiskey barrels. Twist the tap, fill your jug aur tun hoker naali mein gir jao. Another sewer blockage problem. 

Bring also gaanja &  opium at every door-step.  Still Indian excise deptt. would never have overflowing coffers. Men in power will drill holes in them in no time.

After Reservation Policy now this Drink Policy.  Where are you thou, Nelson Mandela?  India is collapsing w/o a war!

D B Sood
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