Thursday, September 27, 2018

Now pay less for the sanctioned power load changes


We had raised the issue in a big manner and as directed by CM office over a month ago, pleased to inform that DERC has issued the following orders. Now DISCOMs can charge the security deposit only on the Additional Load and not on the Total Load at the prevailing rates. Moreover, in case, they have charged it wrongly, after 1.9.2017,  i,e. before the passing of this order, the excess collected will be adjusted in the bills of the Consumers.


(3) The sub-Regulation (8) of Regulation 20 of Principal Regulations shall be substituted as under:-
“(8) In case of upward revision of sanctioned load or contract
demand of consumer, the consumer shall be liable to pay the
additional security deposit corresponding to additional load at
prevailing rates of security deposit on the date of enhancement.”
{Explanation: The additional load shall be the “Total Load after enhancement” minus “Existing Sanctioned Load or Contract Demand as the case may be”.}
Note: After 1.9.2017, in case if the enhanced security deposit is taken based on total load, the balance amount after adjusting as per sub- Regulation (8) shall be adjusted in the ensuing bill(s) of the consumer.

Will keep on raising the issues in public interest.

Best regards,

B S Vohra

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