Sunday, December 10, 2017

RWAs - Share your Suggestions to knock the doors of the Authorities, on the sad state of Pollution in Delhi !

WHO says, that over 30,000 persons are killed every year in Delhi & NCR due to pollution. Chicago University says that the residents of Delhi & NCR are losing up to 6 to 9 years of their life due to Pollution. CSE says that every 3rd child in Delhi has the Lungs problem. UNICEF says that pollution is having a very bad impact on the brains of our children. 

Do you think that we, the residents of Delhi, the RWAs of Delhi, can remain silent on this very serious issue?

Our leaders are in deep sleep, that ends only after 5 years and we have to jolt them to come out of their dreams.

RWAs - Share your suggestions, to curb the pollution from Delhi. It will help you to save your elders, your children as well as to save yourself from the clutches of Pollution.

RWAsCome on - Mail us your most valued suggestions. Our Email id is:

We will take all of your suggestions to the concerned departments. Please share your contact details too, so that, if required, we will give you a call to Join us. Every single Delhiite must raise his/her voice on this very serious issue. Please Email us now. 

RWAs - Wake up now, before it's too late. We just can't be the silent spectators when it is a matter of the Life & Death of every single Delhiite.

Awaiting your most valued suggestions & please be prepared to knock the doors of your Elected representatives as a collective team, once we start knocking the doors of the Authorities.

B S Vohra
Environment Activist
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation
CEO - RWABhagidari Network

#pics used with thanks to all for a Social cause & under Citizen responsibility.

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