Monday, December 11, 2017

Pollution related !

Dear Mr Vohra Ji,

All are highlighting the problem of 'pollution in the capital, but few could give concrete and feasible suggestions! Notwithstanding, we could consider taking a long and short-term pragmatic plan to be executed religiously without fear or favour! Any step taken will affect some persons or the other! We cannot act like China with a heavy hand where industries were shut, all educational institutions were closed and even offices were closed and the staff was asked to work from their respective homes! 

Can we do it in a democratic set up like ours? A BIG NO! We could consider stopping all construction activities, pollution-emitting industries, educational institutions could be closed for a limited period and make sincere efforts to reduce the number of vehicles on the roads by various means and not by odd and even way, which is abused and rich people could continue to ply their cars as they could possess both odd and even nos. of vehicles! We could restrict the number of staff cars on the roads by clubbing means, improve the number of buses on the roads, increase the frequency, while maintaining the punctuality of local trains, besides the Metro services. 

Unless we are trained to be disciplined and abide by our rules and regulations we cannot succeed! Can it work in the capital, as everyone is a VVIP is over here to abuse the system and cast aside directions given through media etc. Unless and until stringent measures are taken and implemented ruthlessly, without fear or favour, VIP or not, we can never succeed in this sphere, except giving 'masala' to the media to highlight every year to fill up their space!

With regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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