Monday, December 4, 2017

Heaters to the Chowkidars - Atul Goyal

The recent advertisement of providing heaters to security guards of the colony by RWAs does not match the feasibility and availability of resources at the RWA level. It looks like the order is without any consultation with the RWAs, at least URJA as the apex body of RWA is not aware of any such discussion by EPCA.

Though, we are holding Delhi Clean Air Forum Zonal meetings which are very well to the knowledge of EPCA, DPCC, CPCB and many other such agencies that are working on GRAP.

It looks the order is passed keeping in mind the services of security guards that sits outside the gates of those who are instrumental in passing the order. This in no way matches the ground realities of the city.

The simple points raised are as follows:

RWAs don't have electric meters and connections in each lane of the colony to do so. Even if they want to work on the directive it will need an additional electric load of minimum 5kw to 10 kW power connections.

who will bear the cost of the equipment and electricity used?

A security Guard is meant to be on the beat and on rounds. He is not meant to be contained in the guard hut with heating equipment or seated around a bonfire. That would defeat the purpose of professional guarding

In the past too, lack of proper winter wear and low wages for poor guards, has resulted in less than optimal functioning.

The security guard is an adjunct to policing as they take off a part of the workload from an already beleaguered police force suffering from the shortage of personnel. 

It will be better if EPCA considers ordering:

1. That the RWA & Guarding Agencies employed by them provide proper guarding equipment such as batons, shoes, adequate jackets and gloves and other warm clothing to guards so that they can act as guards and do their rounds without being huddled next to a fire or heater. 
2. Leaves and twigs that are accumulated in colony parks which are neither composted nor removed in time.  An order to the Municipal corporations to provide shredders or do composting or carrying away of this material.
3. Provide assistance to the RWA by way of equipment & clear municipal orders and active participation of the horticulture staff. 

Atul Goyal, President, URJA

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