Sunday, December 3, 2017

Heaters to Chowkidars - Rajiv Kakria

DPCC’s Bizarre Diktat ....... RWAs should provide Heaters for all the Guards on Night Duty

Strange is the thinking and working of our Government Departments when it suits them they issue Bizarre Diktats to RWA’s ....... What Statutory Powers has Govt given to RWAs, that Govt agencies come up with such diktats ?????  When it comes to giving Recognition to RWA’s, the Government is Evasive and Reluctant. RWA’s cannot mandatorily collect Membership Subscription or censure a Department for dereliction of Duty and so much is expected of them.

The idea was proposed by Mr. Bhurelal of EPCA, yes the same gentleman who proposed raising Parking Fees to Rs. 80/- per hour and the imposition of ODD/Even ...... Punishing Delhites for Pollution spread due to the Neighbouring States Burning Stubble and the Desert Storm in the Gulf.

In a recent proposal for Controlling Pollution, DPCC has issued a Public Notice for RWAs to provide Electric Heaters to Colony Guards. RWA’s are not heartless and have provided proper Winter Uniforms and made arrangements for making tea, so the Guards stay alert. The idea is impractical, both financially and logistically, as each Block or Colony employs 5 – 10 Guards.

The Question is, why RWA’s should take on the extra burden, as it is, they are doing their bit with meager resources. It is not the job of RWAs to provide security, it’s the Police that has to ensure Security. The Guards are allocated beats, are not stationary in one spot and supposed to be moving. Some guards are stationed at the gates, they too need to stay alert,  the comfort of a heater will lull them into sleep and frequent gasht (beat) will be detrimental to their health. 

If pollution is the Govts concern and is serious about it, then all the arms of Govt should perform their respective duties...  THEN THERE SHALL BE NO NEED FOR SUCH SILLY PUBLIC NOTICES. And pray, who shall foot the Power Bills and who in DPCC would conduct Night Vigils to check small fires being lit by Labour at construction sites and the Homeless to stay warm ?????

Warm Regards,
Rajiv Kakria

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