Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Pollution related !

RWA Bhagidari:

Thank you so much for your mail seeking suggestions from the public on preventing POLLUTION  (implied in air, water, and eatables.) 

In my humble opinion, the subject of this entire spectrum has been eloquently covered and projected in the print news and electronic media from time to time with greater emphasis in the last few months.

Technical reports after due research issued by hi-tech labs, institutions,  research scholars, and doctors have been published and debated throughout the country; rather this has become an international malady with grave dimensions.  In addition, foreign countermeasures researched in other countries could be adopted wherever applicable.

With all the authoritative research done and solutions presented, why is the Government still at the crossroads, dilly-dallying in slow gait and playing with the lives of citizens?  Do we still need to keep on chatting with the public indefinitely?  The common man is not an authority on such a hi-tech subject and one cannot get any further suggestions bettering those already on the table and in the Government domain.

On the contrary, it would be worthwhile to ask the public at large as HOW TO MAKE THE GOVERNMENT START BATTING IN THE FIELD.

Sorry for the blunt reply.  Cannot help it.

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