Friday, May 19, 2017

Water shortage in Delhi


With great interest i have read your article. You will be aware of the facts that there are thousands of Group Housing societies in Delhi where lakhs of people are living. Only Single bulk supply connection has been provided in each society. Now what happens, the managing committee collects the maintenance charges and pay bill. Now people have habit that they have to certain amount and more than 50% people waste water as they have to pay fixed collective charges. Cooperative group Housing Society are the first in wasting water. Repeated request to DJB to provide individual water connection have the same reply as per policy we provide only single connection in CGHS. If individual connection is given than every one will be forced to consume water economically. It will result in More Revenue to DJB and demand IN CGHS will be reduced drastically  hoping for Delhi Govt will amend the policy and provide individual water connection in CGHS also.  

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