Monday, May 8, 2017

RWA is the most logical body, that works in the area

Having gone through the views on the subject, I personally feel that Yes, RWA is the main functionary in the area and they know, where the maintenance/development work is needed and to be done and hence it is really a very logical and realistic view that some persons, at least two in each MCD, should be nominated from the present or ex- RWA office bearers or their members by fixing a formula for the same. 

Our RWA has been in existence for the last 23 years and hence, I support the views expressed that each MCD, should have a representation of those RWAs, who are registered in the Bhagidari There are so many retired executives and other personalities available in different areas of Delhi, whose services can be availed to strengthen the MCDs and for their efficient working in the best interest of the residents.

Ashok Bhatnagar,
Kailash Nagar

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