Wednesday, May 17, 2017

DJB : We don't expect any change, even in the years to come

There is definitely a big GAP in the Demand & Supply figures of Drinking water in Delhi. The peak demand in summers is over & above 1300 MGD, whereas, the peak availability of total water resources for distribution is only 913 MGD :

LESS : Any decline in production due to less intake from Munak & Bhakhra etc., presently being said to be around 80MGD.

LESS : leakages & wastages in the Distribution of Drinking water, due to faulty pipelines, which is definitely a significant figure.

LESS : Thefts & pilferages all over by the illegal vendors, who are doing brisk business during this season.

As a result, the actual availability of Drinking water is much lower than the actual Demand and that is the main reason of hue & cry all over, in the city.


Since last many years, it has become a regular phenomena. During summers we face severe shortage of Drinking water and during monsoon, this precious water goes to drains, unaccounted.

The local Government’s have never initiated the Rain water harvesting, in its full spirit, in various MCD & Delhi Government parks, that can truly raise the water levels for the benefit of residents.

Water bodies are neither being suitably revived nor being created, any where, to store the monsoon water.

There are no visible efforts to check and control leakages, wastage, thefts and pilferage.

Authorities just try to pass on the buck to others, in the blame game and just wait for the monsoon to come, to ease the situation. 

Therefore, we don’t expect that situation will ever improve, even in the years to come as the population pressure will always be there, in the absence of adequate efforts.

B S Vohra
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

# Pic used with thanks to Delhi Jal Board

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