Thursday, May 11, 2017

Delhi Property Tax 2017-18

Dear Delhietes,

​Property Tax for the Year 2017-18 became due on 1 April 2017, but most of us pay during the month of May.

There is no change in the Property Tax rates.

As per my information, Property Tax is not accepted in cash any more. There are ,thus, two options:-

1. Print the Challan and pay at the counters or HDFC/AXIS Banks. The official Receipt is available only after a month or so. Lot of paper work is generated and is time consuming. In the bargain, Banks make money out of MCDs and us.

2. Generate the challan and pay by Credit / Debit Card. This is simplest. Saves lot of paper work, time and effort. The official receipt is available, the moment transaction is completed. It is a WIN WIN situation for all.

Recommend that all should pay the Property Tax by Credit / Debit card and join the CASHLESS Society.

Please give it a wide publicity.

Col Shivraj
Poster Hatao Campaign

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