Tuesday, March 7, 2017


K/a. Mr Arvind Kejriwal, CM, Delhi

Dear Sir,

We welcome your proposal of converting Delhi into the London in Cleanliness in one year, though, cleaning the City equivalent to LONDON in one year, seems a big dream. But, In addition of being equivalent to London, in cleanliness, we expect much more from you, in this Delhi Budget :

1. POLLUTION : Pollution in Delhi has become a severe problem. Delhiexpects something constructive to save it from the clutches of Pollution. Therefore, we are expecting much more from you, in this DelhiBudget. You must install at least the Pollution Alarming mechanism in every Assembly seat for the benefit & awareness of residents.
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
साँस  हर घूँट  बसजहर निगलन पड़त 

2. TRAFFIC JAM : Traffic Jam in Delhi has reached to its climax. We must introduce a check on the purchase of new vehicles. It may be against the scrapping of old car. There must be a limit of vehicles in each & every family. Those who don't have enough space for parking a vehicle, must be restricted to only one vehicle in the city. Roads must be widened wherever required and proper parking places must be developed at strategic locations.
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
वापिस घर कब लौटेंगकोई कह नही सकत 

3. FLYOVERS : Some of the flyovers have got cracks in the last few months. Delhi Govt must check all the flyovers as time & heavy rush is taking its toll and must timely allocate, suitably for the maintenance of these flyovers. 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
हादसो  ख़ दिल  उबरन पड़त 

4. METRO CONNECTIVITY : Metro has become the Life line of Delhi but residents suffer due to the non connectivity of Metro stations with nearby localities. Delhi Govt must allocate funds for developing the connectivity by mini buses or by other means. 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
भीड  अब धक्क - मुक्ककर गुज़रन पड़त 

5. DRAINAGE : Everyone knows about the Drainage system in Delhi. Every monsoon makes Delhi a Floating ship due to severe water logging every where. Delhi Govt must allocate funds to make the city free of Water logging.
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
रिमझिम फुहारे आत घर  सिमटन पड़त 

6. HEALTH PROBLEMS : Health problems in Delhi are on the peak. Dengu, Chikungunya, Swine Flu, to other routine problems exist, due to the huge population of the city. Many a time people have to sell everything to get the treatment of Cancer etc. There must be a system, may be against a common fund, a small tax, to cover every citizen in the Govt hospitals. Suitable funds must be allocated for this. 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
मुश्किलं  दौर घर - बार बिकन लगत 

7. Drinking water : Drinking water Scarcity in Delhi during summers is a common issue in various localities. Even though we are on the River belt, the water level is continuously lowering in certain localities. You must develop the natural water bodies in Delhi to raise the ground water levels.
इस कदर मुश्कि हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
पान  हर बूँद लड़न - झगड़न पड़त 

8. Women Security : Women security in Delhi is at the worst level now. Some media houses have reported that Delhi faces a Rape every four hours. There are also unreported rape cases as well eve teasing in the city. You must install CC TV cameras to check this problem. Even though, you had promised it before the Assembly elections, nothing seems to have been done so far. 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
घर  निकलन सोच करदिल धड़कन लगत 

9. Security of Elders : No body is secure in the City. Even the Elders as well Children face many problems. Govt must keep a regular vigil on the lone senior citizens and must provide them a sense of security. Delhi Govt Must do something to control Child trafficking also.
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
घर चलान वाल इक दिनबोझ लगन लगत 

10. Sanitation Workers Strike in Delhi : Last but not the least, you must allocate properly for the payment of Salary of the Sanitation workers, so that there is no more Strike of Sanitation workers in the City. It will also help to fulfill your promise of making Delhi a London.
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआजीन मेर शहेर ,
स्वच्छ भारत  चलतकचर  रहन पड़त 

Looking forward for your response in the Delhi Budget 2017, tomorrow.
With best regards,
S Vohra
Social Activist
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation

RWAs are Looking for EMPOWERMENT.

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