Wednesday, March 29, 2017

‘Swachh’ Delhi a distant dream : The Hindu : B S Vohra

Dear Vohra ji,

There is absolutely no denial of what you have stated and highlighted in red letters. I have stated the factual position as far as Anand Vihar is concerned, which may equally be applicable to other places too! The solution in a cooperative effort and attitude of all of us including the Govt. agencies. No doubt that the latter one has to play a vital part indeed but who creates/throws the garbage in public places instead of handing over to the agencies concerned engaged by the RWA as well as detailed by the Govt. Let us ponder over it and come to a realistic and feasible solution. Of course, the EDMC when they purchased the small motorised vehicles and gave publicity too for the same, they were meant for collection of garbage etc. from door to door besides lifting the garbage strewn on the streets. But we had not seen such vehicles at all later. In fact, in short we could say that the EDMC failed to deliver the promises/assurance made by them through their Councillors etc. The latter did not come to the expectation of the public at large but picked up their own pet works, where perhaps they could enrich themselves and make others too! They had unveiled recently that they will handover 'passbooks' like the one prevailing in Banks show the details of property tax paid year-wise, but we had not seen the day-light of the same! Similarly, they had announced recently that they will switch over to LED bulbs for streetlights to save considerable amount electrical energy but not done. They had laid/renovated 'service lanes' in colonies where they exist and beautify parks at certain places but these were done on pick and choose basis, and done where not required too. They were unable to depute their 'mallies' periodically to clean the parks and water the dying plants. In this sphere they miserably failed leading to certain wealthy people resorting to maintaining their parks in front of their houses engaging mallies on payments basis which further lessened the burden of the EDMC mallies! We could speak volumes of their inaction but not at this critical juncture when the elections are forthcoming!

With best regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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