Friday, March 3, 2017

Asha Kiran - A ray of hope for the mentally retarded, But ..... ( Part 2 )

3. Residential Care Programme for Mentally Challenged: Plan Outlay 2014-15 : ` 315 Lakh [PWD]

The aim of the scheme is to provide residential care to the mentally challenged for their education, training, guidance, medical care and rehabilitation. A piece of land measuring 7.69 acres is available at Narela and construction of home for mentally challenged persons (children & adults) is proposes to be built up. There are about 906 mentally challenged inmates of all age group admitted against the intake capacity of 350 inmates at Asha Kiran, a Delhi Government’s center for their care and rehabilitation. In year 2014-15, it is proposed to set up 3 more new homes for such challenged persons at different locations in DelhiDuring the financial year 2013-14 an expenditure of ` 323.46 lakh has been incurred.

4. Construction of Home for Mentally Challenged Persons Plan Outlay 2014-15 : ` 10 Lakh
During 1983, Revenue Department, GNCTD had handed over the land at Narela, measuring 47 Bighas 13 Biswas out of which the new Home is proposed to be constructed at the land measuring 7.72 acres. The problem relating to demarcation of land has been now sorted out with Revenue Department, PWD and DSIIDC. The PWD has already completed the work of leveling and construction of boundary wall of the land. A lay out plan has been handed over to DSIIDC to whom the project work is entrusted with. The DSIIDC is in process for engagement of the Consultant after completing all codal formalities. DSIIDC has been requested to prepare conceptual plan and give presentation to go ahead with the project. Besides above, possession of plots and further development on the plots at Salempur Majra, Burari and Usmanpur for the construction of school for Mentally challenged children, is expected to be executed during the year. During the financial year 2013-14, ` 4.25 lakh has been incurred under this scheme.

My questions are still there :

1. If the New Home was completed, why the inmates of the Asha Kiran were not shifted to the new home ?

2. If the new Home is not yet complete, what is the status of its construction ?

3. If the New Home is not yet constructed, where the money spent has gone ?

4. Who will be responsible for the deaths of 11 kids at Asha Kiran, in the last 60 days ?

Expecting answer from no where.


B S Vohra
Social Activist
Reports used with thanks to Delhi Govt Links.


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