Friday, March 10, 2017

FREE Health Awareness Program

Hello there,
Meet Dietitian Srishti Arora - Popular  Dietitian, Health Trainer  public speaker and counselor . Srishti  is one of those people who is extremely passionate about  Promoting health, promoting sustainable development.Health for all, and all for health choose health.and conducts regular counselling and  Nutrition events at her  farm in Delhi. 
This time, Srishti conducting Nutrition workshop and conference in Five Indian cities - Bengaluru, Chennai, Pune, Mumbai and New Delhi. Do not miss this opportunity to Invite Her in an immersive learning experience that will inspire and enable you to take your writing to the next level. Click on the below link to know more and to register. We are fast running out of space.
This is an intense 3-hour styled workshop. There will a nominal fee for schools, NGO's and corporate  of which covers the cost of the event, course material. We look forward to meeting you in your city

Please Find attach of Proposal below. 
Dietitian Srishti Arora 
Managing Director 

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