Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Public concerns !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

I am immensely happy to know that you are relentlessly and consistently pursuing matter of concern to public. Photo-up alone will not pay dividend and satisfy the people to redress their grievances. While I had been clamouring and repeatedly requesting you to take up important issues agitating the minds of the people at large, it appears that you had not taken any steps in this direction. Pardon me to say so! Reality speaks. Don't feel hurt. 

The real truth is not known as to why the safai karamcharis had not been paid salary for the last 3 months. The present situation had cropped up earlier too, a few months back. Why a permanent solution to this vexed problem could not be found and solved forever. Who suffer - the public at large as well as the families of the safaiwallas! Can you imagine the downtrodden  and poor people can survive without salary not for one month but for three months - a long time in the life of these poor people! Why not a 'white paper'  is not brought about and published in the newspapers for all to see and realize the plight! If there is no money in the kitty of the EDMC to meet this basic commitment, let them ask for alms from the public to safe these poor people! Why the Councillors of the EDMC go without their perks, constituency allowance and salary etc. for a couple of months. Why can't they defer their works in the colonies for a couple of months till the financial position improves! You would be really surprised to know that a lot of unnecessary works are going on in colonies to spend their money before the election and get votes, while this could be saved to meet the needs of the safaiwallas, voluntarily! You go round the various colonies, you could yourself realise what an amount of wasteful work is going on without which the people could survive and lead a peaceful life. It may hurt the people concerned but let them search their heart and realise if it is necessary at all at this juncture without which their lives cannot go on! II don't wish to dilate on this topic further but I have only given a hint which you could see for yourselves if you go round the colony. I am deeply constrained and strongly pained to ink these but my heart burns when such works are going on in front of your eyes!!!Rest remains with you.

I may share with you a few more things but I wish to remain silent for the time being as opening up these will hurt someone but no solution could be found in the present environment!

With best regards,
TK Balu.

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