Tuesday, January 10, 2017

Meeting with Dy CM of Delhi : East Delhi RWAs Joint Front ( Federation )

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front (Federation)

9th January, 2017

K/a. : Mr Manish Sisodiya, Dy CM, Delhi

Dear Sir,

Over 10,000 MT of GARBAGE is lying on the roads of East Delhi and Sanitation workers are saying that Rs 119 crore released by the Delhi Govt. won’t serve the salary of more than one month, and hence they will continue with the strike.

Though EDMC commissioner has deployed some private trucks to remove the garbage, the quantum is too meager to give any relief to the residents.

The residents are truly fed up of this issue now, as probably it’s the 7th time now in just 2 years period, that Delhi / East Delhi converts into a big hell, every time there is a strike by the Sanitation workers.

There may be some issues between the EDMC & the Delhi Govt. but why the residents of EAST DELHI are being forced to breathe in the hell like conditions, amidst unbearable stench, and that too in the already choking localities with severe pollution ? 

ENOUGH IS ENOUGH and now we want an end of this problem. We don’t want any more strikes of Sanitation workers in Delhi. We want a PERMANENT SOLUTION to this problem. Therefore, please let us know that what constructive steps are being taken by the Delhi Govt. to resolve the issue PERMANENTLY.

With Best regards,

B S Vohra

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation

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