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BUDGET 2017 : Delhi Expects just ONE THING from the Finance Minister

Open letter to the Finance Minister, by the residents of Delhi.

Dear Sir,

We the residents of Delhi, want it to be free from all the AILMENTS and want it to be a ROLE MODEL for the entire country. We are expecting, just ONE THING from you i.e. a Special Package for Delhi, in the upcoming Budget, 2017, keeping in mind, the 10 issues being raised below :

1. Pollution in Delhi : 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
साँस के हर घूँट मे बस, जहर निगलना पड़ता है,

It has become the most polluted city of the world. The situation has reached the Alarming stage and if nothing   constructive is done, immediately, scores of lives will be lost, due to the issues related to pollution of Air, Water & Soil.

2. Traffic Jam in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
वापिस घर कब लौटेंगे, कोई कह नहीं सकता है

It is on the verge of becoming the most congested city of the world. The Traffic jam is not only causing huge wastage of precious human hours, it is also adding to the Air & Noise pollution, causing serious damages to the inhabitants.

3. Dangerous Flyovers in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
हादसों के ख़ौफ़ से, दिल को उबरना पड़ता है

Many Flyovers were constructed in the city by the earlier Govt., but seems, time and the heavy rush has started taking its toll, as two of the flyovers have developed snags over it. The issue must be seriously dealt with and all the Flyovers must be thoroughly checked to measure the strength on various parameters to avoid any mishap in the coming days.

4. Metro Rush in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
भीड़ मे अब धक्का - मुक्की, कर गुज़रना पड़ता है

Though the Delhi Metro has become the Life Line of the city, it has become very difficult for the Ladies, Elderly & Children to even enter the train at peak hours. Now Delhi with the massive & continuously increasing population requires something more than a mere Metro.

5. Drainage system in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
रिमझिम फुहारें आते ही, घर मे सिमटना पड़ता है

The drainage system has moved towards the worst. Every moderate to heavy rainfall in the city, chokes the drains and the city becomes a floating ship in the huge ocean, with knee deep water everywhere.

6. Health problems in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
मुश्किलों के दौर मे, घर - बार बिकने लगता है

The Health facilities in Delhi are quite inadequate. Residents are being forced to pay hefty amounts to the private institutions for serious & critical issues as Govt organizations such as AIIMS, are unable to cope up with the rush. Many a times it has been observed that time given to a patient for a critical test is much more than the expected life of that patient.

7. Drinking water Scarcity in Delhi :
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
पानी की हर बूँद पे, लड़ना - झगड़ना पड़ता है

Scarcity of Drinking water is also a serious cause of concern. The entire pipeline system of Delhi Jal Board has widespread leakages and it’s generally said that almost 30 to 40% of the potable water goes into the drains due to the leakages.

8. Women Security in Delhi : 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
घर से निकलना सोच कर, दिल धड़कने लगता है

Women Security is also a very serious cause of concern for every resident of the city. Ranga - Billa to Nirbhaya and even after, nothing seems to have changed. There are numerous instances of Rape, molestation and eve teasing in the newspapers every day.

9. Security of Elders in Delhi : 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
घर चलाने वाला इक दिन, बोझ लगने लगता है

The Overall security of the residents of the National capital requires immediate & a serious review as the children as well as elderly people face hardships on one pretext or other.

10. Sanitation Workers Strike in Delhi : 
इस कदर मुश्किल हुआ, जीना मेरे शहेर मे,
स्वच्छ भारत के चलते, कचरे मे रहना पड़ता है

Last, but not the least, the Kachra problem of Delhi is taking its toll. The residents have faced strike by the sanitation workers, at least 5 times in a short duration of two years. Life truly becomes very difficult, when the roads and streets are filled with stinky garbage, everywhere. Expecting another strike by Sanitation workers from the 7th Feb on wards.


These are some of the very important issues that need your immediate attention, and, to overcome all these problems, the residents of Delhi expect just one thing from the Finance Minister i.e. a SPECIAL PACKAGE for the city, in the upcoming Budget of 2017, as we the residents, want a NEAT, CLEAN and SAFE DELHI, under the able leadership of our Prime Minister.   

Residents of Delhi are looking towards you with a Great hope with a Salute for your Great Efforts during Demonetisation.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
Social Activist
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation
Delhi Maange more..... in the Budget 2017.

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