Saturday, January 14, 2017

Mail from Suresh Prabhu !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

Your mail for the New Year Greetings from Shri Suresh Prabha, Hon'ble Minister for Railways, which is an excellent sum-up admitting the drawbacks, hinting little action by previous Ministers (indirectly) to improve the health of the Railways, administratively and financially, who all had exploited the system to the fullest extent to feed their respective constituencies, his plan of action and innovations being attempted in various spheres etc. which are all admirable and must be appreciated. It is perhaps for the first time an Union Minister extend greetings to the public at large and seeking their valuable suggestions for effecting improvements in the age-old system! However, it is apprehended that the merger of rail budget which had always been presented separately for decades has now been merged with the General Budget to be presented by the Hon'ble Finance Minister in the forthcoming Budget session! We wonder if this merger will be good for the Railways or like other Ministries the Railway Ministry will also be looking forward to the alms of the Finance Ministry, thereby losing their independence to achieve their objectives! Let's look forward positively expecting good tidings to come out!

Thank you once again for sharing this mail with others to enlighten them on the working of the Railways!

With best regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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