Monday, December 19, 2016

Appointment with LG:Plan to make Delhi Poster Free

HE Najeeb Jung Ji,

Please refer to Shri Vishwendra ji's mail of 14 December 2016, expressing your inability to give audience. I have requested for your audience as under :-

All have been denied.

You are the Executive Head of Delhi and control the Delhi Govt, Delhi Police and the Civic Agencies, responsible to implement theDelhi Prevention of Defacement of Property Act 2007 which came into force wef 1 March 2009.

Over seven years have elapsed but Delhi is still littered with Posters / Banners / Writings on Walls / Illegal Hoardings.

We wanted your audience to iron out the difficulties being faced by the implementing agencies and help them as  Bhagidars.

Poster Hatao used to conduct Poster Hatao events but had to abandon as there is practically no system to prevent the new ones coming up almost immediately. 

DPDP Act 2007 is very strong, in that, the offence is Cognizable, Criminal and the Head or the Beneficiary is the offender. This Act is very very easily implementable.

Due to non-implementation of the DPDP Act 2007, we were forced to put up a PIL in Delhi High Court and Hon'ble DHC has given a very clear order on 6 May 2015 but Delhi is still littered with Posters.

Poster Free India has been accepted as a part of the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan by Hon'ble Venkaiah Naidu Ji.

This menace has two parts.
1. System to ensure that new Defacement does not take place and if some one does manage to do it, exemplary punishment is awarded.
2. Remove the existing Defacement.There are over a crore of Defacement in Delhi. If it takes about 5 minutes to remove one, it requires many many man days and no Govt agency has such resources. But, if  1 crore citizens remove one Defacement each, the city will be cleaned in 5 minutes.  We the citizens of Delhi can help in this.

Please tell us as to how should we tackle this menace. 

This is a one time task.
This will save Tons of paper thus trees.
This will increase the revenue of the Civic Agencies many many folds.
This is a WIN WIN situation for all.

Request please reconsider and give us time for a meeting at the earliest.

We plan to make Delhi Poster Free by 26 January 2017.

​Thanks & regards​

Col Shivraj
Poster Hatao Campaign

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