Wednesday, November 16, 2016

RWAs offer help to ease long queues : Mail Today

And now, it is the turn of residents’ welfare associations that have come forward and proposed a helping hand to the banks to assist crowds and bank employees to make the cash swap process a little easier. 

The RWAs have reached out to the nationalised banks to assist the crowd and make it convenient for both the stakeholders to carry out the process of exchanging and depositing cash easier by helping customers fulfill all the necessary steps before reaching the window so that queues can move faster. 

“Although people are currently facing problem during the phase of demonetisation, soon the benefit can be reaped. In the fight against the black money, it is important for the residents to cooperate with the banks,” said BS Vohra from East Delhi RWAs Joint Front Federation. 

“We have reached out to the banks on social media, and expressed our desire to help the banks. The banks can include us after conducting a verification process. We can help the visitors in filling the forms, clearing their doubts, ensuring the completion of the required documents so that bank employees can cater to more and more customers faster,” he said. 

Vohra also said that the invitations have been sent to several other RWAs across the city to participate in the movement against black money. 

Kunal Maheshwari, a resident in South Delhi who experienced the hospitality of some kind individuals while waiting outside the ATM, said: “The community participation plays an important role in making such movement powerful and effective. The government should also rope in RWAs in such projects so that the access to facility becomes a convenient experience.”

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