Wednesday, November 30, 2016

E Mail from PM : Give your feedback on 500/1000 rupee Demonetisation

Narendra Modi
28th Nov. at 8.26 pm

Dear Ji ,
A few days ago I had appealed to the people of India to tell me what they feel about the Government’s decision on 500 and 1000 Rupee notes ceasing to be legal tender. I was delighted to note that since my asking, over 10 lakh people from the length and breadth of India have shared their feedback on the ‘Narendra Modi App’.
I request you to please take part in the survey and enrich it with your valuable views.
The decision that Government took on 8th November is inspired by the collective will to take India to new heights of progress. It is high time we uproot the evils of corruption and black money, which were hampering the growth of India. 
I am fully aware that the people of India are facing temporary hardships. However, these temporary hardships will pave way for a glorious future and build an India that is strong, prosperous and inclusive.
The ability of the people of India to withstand and overcome short-term pain for long term gain has humbled me and given me more energy to work for the development of India.
I again request you to take part in the survey and share your honest and unbiased opinion. This will be extremely helpful for me personally and for the Government. Click on the following link to download the App and take part in the survey-
Jai Hind,
Narendra Modi

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