Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Subscribe the blog :

You can subscribe the RWABhagidari blog to get the regular updates directly in your mail box. Please log on . In the TOP LEFT, there is a box saying SUBSCRIBE RWABhagidari. Please enter your E mail ID in that and click SUBSCRIBE. After that you will be asked to enter a code, just to confirm that you are human & not a computer. In the second step, you will get a Verification Mail in your mail box, confirming from you that you have subscribed the blog. Just click the confirmation & your subscription will be ON. Plz note, its absolutely FREE and you can unsubscribe it any time.

Please note many of those who have subscribed the blog are not getting our regular updates as you have not yet verified the confirmation mail sent to you. If you are the one, who is not getting these mails, please repeat the process as mentioned in paragraph above.

May we request you to forward this link to your friends for subscription. It's just your co-operation that can make us succeed in our efforts.

With best regards

B S Vohra

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