Thursday, December 1, 2011

66th World Homeopathic Congress of LMHI from 1st Dec. to 4th Dec.

" SHIELD Citizens Initiative" welcomes and wishes the delegates attending the LMHI Homeopathic congress at Sirifort Auditorium being inaugrated today by CM of Delhi and health minister Shri Gulam Nabi Azad.This years topic is" Homeopathy for Public Health"..According to Dr Sumit Mukerji senior consultant Homeopathy at Ashwini health care Noida "Homeopathy can take away lot of stress and load at tertiary level treatment available in hospitals if used for treatment of common diseases at primary health care centers".

Treatment by homeopathy is safe and economical,Timely  intervention by homeopathic treatment would help in checking the aggravation of symptoms in patients of Dengue,viral ,chickenguinea and host of other common ailments which pose problems to the civic authorities every after year during change of seasons.Govt and media should substantially encourage and promote this alternate mode of treatment for the benefit of general public.
Ranju minhas
Executive director
Shield Citizens Initiative
Masjid moth Ph-1

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