Friday, November 25, 2011

WINDS OF CHANGE : Delhi State Cancer Institute

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

True it is an asset to all of us who are residing in East Delhi. In the past we had to run about to other specialised centres for the purpose which hassle we could now overcome! I would suggest that this should get adequate publicity in all media and local Society's newsletters so that all could become aware of this facility. Can you arrange to mail the salient features of this hospital, so that we could give adequate publicity through our monthly newsletter to all our residents numbering over 5000! I won't mind even to have an advt. in our new residents telephone directory which is under process presently and expected to come out in January, 2012! Can you help us in this respect. I would also add that the hospital should arrange to give 'free check-up facility' at the hospital or on a nominal charge to all residents who would like to avail of this facility. Can you guide us in this respect with details available. You may also suggest their e-mail address with whom we could correspond on the matter.

Incidentally, you may recall that we had personally handed over a copy of our directory (with a tricolour cover which is a prominent one) when we joined your esteemed organization.  Kindly have a cursory glance over it and suggest 'additional features' if any to be added in the ensuing edition, which will be helpful and informative to all. We are awaiting your comments.  Of course, we will arrange to give a copy of the same when published, as we had done last time.  

I have given you enough task for the time being. Awaiting your reply soon and with best regards and wishes. 

TK Balu
Secretary/RBECHS/Anand Vihar

Dear Mr Balu,

DSCI is a Govt. Hospital having two wings now i.e. General & Private. In general portion one can get absolutely Free treatment for Cancer & in the private portion one can get the same treatment at nominal charges. DSCI is definitely an asset as well Prof. Dr. Grover the CEO. The hospital now has almost all the Modern facilities at par with any world class institute. The purpose of this News coverage through CITY PLUS was just to spread awareness. The contact details of this hospital are : Delhi State Cancer Institute (GNCT of Delhi), Dilshad Garden, Delhi 110 095, Tel.2211 0303,2211 0505,  2211 0606, Fax. 2211 0505, E mail ID :  The Website of the Hospital can be visited :

I will definitely review the Directory published by you last year & will eagerly await the fresh edition. Plz feel free to upload the details on the Blog for the Advertisements so that anyone ( out of our list of almost 800 subscribers of the Blog, from various RWAs ) could get in touch if interested through the blog.

With best regards

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

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