Thursday, March 8, 2018

They just want money without providing any services.

RWAs are not against the Traders, instead, against the unwanted & undesired modifications being approved by the DDA, in the MPD-2021.

Just think that how they can approve the rampant commercialization of the city by allowing the basements for commercial purposes, by enhancing the workforce, by increasing the electricity load, by allowing the additional FAR, and a lot more, without any change, even in the basic infrastructure?

They don't have any check or control on the encroachments, no workforce or work plans to manage & control the traffic, no serious steps to check & control the Pollution levels that have become the cause of scores of untimely & unwanted deaths in the city. 

They just want money without providing any services. 

1. Why don't we ask them that how the Conversion charges were hiked from Rs 6,136 per sq mt to Rs 89,090 per sq mt in the A class markets, by the DDA? 

2. Shockingly, even after the reduction, these rates are still at Rs 22,274 per sq mt. Don't you think that it is a huge burden on the traders?

3. Why the traders are being forced to pay One Time Parking Charges, along with the Conversion charges, for those roads, where there is absolutely no parking facility anywhere?

4. Don't you think that Authorities cannot charge the Traders for the services, that they can not provide? 

5. Do you think, that rampant commercialization of the city is the only solution to stop the sealing? 

6. Can't they reduce the Conversion charges to a reasonable level to give a relief to the Traders?

7. Can't they approve the valid policies & mechanism to boost the city status, along with compatible infrastructure, to check & control the unauthorized growth?

8. Where is the money collected by them in the name of Conversion charges & One-time parking charges, in the last few years?

9. What steps they have taken to remove the encroachment from the streets in almost every corner of the city?

10. What steps they have taken to check & control the Traffic jams, Potholes, WaterLogging, Garbage, pollution levels, health facilities, social security?

Shockingly, it is not the end of such instances as under the Draft Parking policy, they now want the Parking charges, for parking your own car, outside your own home.  The crux is that, they just want money without providing any services and if the Draft Parking policy is approved, soon residents will face the sealing drive for Non payment of Parking charges for parking their own car in front of their own home, alongwith penalties & interest.

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