Wednesday, March 21, 2018


The issues mentioned in the Proposed modifications of DDA as well the Affidavit submitted with the SC say the same story. Even the Draft parking policy is there in it even before any discussion on various clauses. They just want your money by way of various Taxes, be it the GST, Road Tax, Toll Tax, House Tax, Conversion charges, One-time parking charges as well the proposed parking charges in the draft policy. And even after paying all such Taxes, there is no Job security, no social security and no benefits to the residents in the form of at least the health services even in this most polluted city. Do anything by paying under the table & get it regulated by paying over the table. Just this is the reason for all the mess in this city. The CRUX of the problem is, that none is serious enough to take care of OUR CITY. 

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