Sunday, March 11, 2018

Pedestrian Streets & the One time parking charges?

The Press Release of MoUD dated 26th February 2018 says that Traders have to pay one time Parking Charges. The parking will be provided as per the provision of MPD 2021. In case the parking cannot be provided within the plot, the concerned local bodies shall identify and develop the land for providing shared / common parking. In the absence of any land for the parking in the vicinity, such complexes / street shall be declared as “Pedestrian shopping street / areas”.

My question is that are they charging one time Parking charges for such areas, that were earlier included in the Delhi Gazettee as the Pedestrian streets?

The reason for asking this question is that when Govt can not provide any land for the parking in the vicinity, and such areas are declared as Pedestrian ones,  how they can ask the traders on such roads to pay the one-time parking charges?

How can Govt  charge the Traders for something, that is not at all available?

Please check the 10 blog posts below this blog post, that contain the list of the Pedestrial streets, Notified in the Delhi Gazettee dated 15th September, 2006.

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