Thursday, March 1, 2018

Our observations on the Press Release - MoUD - Dated 26th February 2018

Our observations on the Press release issued by the MoUD on 26th February 2018. We will be waiting for the official notification to get a clear picture.

Permissible FAR : Uniform FAR (Floor Area Ratio) on shop-cum-residence plot/complexes of pre-1962 & post-1962 shall be as permitted for respective size of the residential plotted development as applicable on mixed-use/commercial streets.


Rationalisation of various charges

Synchronization and fixation of charges (i.e. use conversion charges, additional FAR charges, parking charges, compounding charges, penalty etc.)

What do the additional FAR charges mean? Does it mean that by paying the additional FAR charges, one can enhance or regulate the existing FAR? If yes, then why the term Uniform FAR was used above? What will be its impact on the infrastructure?

The permissibility of basements for commercial /professional activities is being allowed in shop cum residential plots/complexes as already applicable for mixed use /commercial streets.

If the above was already applicable to the mixed-use/commercial streets, how the Sealing of basements was being done till date?  If it was not already applicable and being allowed now, what has been done to check its impact on the infrastructure?

One time parking charges shall be paid by the owner as down payment or maximum in four installments within a year. 


In the absence of any land for the parking in the vicinity, such complexes/street shall be declared as “Pedestrian shopping street/areas”.

If after collection of One-time parking charges, they declare certain streets as the Pedestrian shopping streets, where there is no space for parking, will they refund the already collected one-time parking charges for such streets? Don’t they have the data to declare such streets as pedestrians in advance, to stop the harassment of the trading community? Please check the Delhi Gazette Notification dated 15th September 2006, which says, “The pedestrian shopping streets identified by the Corporation in each municipal zone are as mentioned in Annexure-C-l to C-10 to this notification.”

Increase in the number of workers as well as the load from 5KW to 11 KW in household/non-polluting service industries subject to statutory clearances from Labour and Industries Departments & Delhi Pollution Control Committee.

Don’t you think that by hiking the electricity load from 5KW to 11KW, they are putting additional load on the infrastructure? Moreover, have they done any assessment that what kind of commercial activities for the residential areas, require the enhancement of load from 5KW to 11KW?

Local body in consultation with traffic police shall conduct traffic assessment and prepare traffic management plan for these areas. 

Does it mean that Local bodies and traffic police have not yet done any such traffic assessment, even for the critical areas & that’s the reason of severe traffic jam & congestion on almost all the roads of Delhi? If they have done any such assessment, why don’t they start implementing it immediately, instead of going for yet another assessment, that will waste a lot of time & manpower?

Restricted entry/exit in shop-cum-residence plots/complexes towards the residential areas/service lane.

OBSERVATION – 6: How it will be implemented? They will require additional manpower to regulate it. Do they have that?

Restaurants, clubs, pubs shall not be allowed in the residential premises as part of mixed use.

What will be the fate of the small hotels (Pakode wala, Samose wala, Dose wala), on the mix land usage that cater to the local residents? If these have such a big impact on the localities, how they have allowed Basements for the commercial purposes?

Amount collected on account of various charges will be credited in an Escrow account to be used exclusively for augmentation of infrastructure facilities/amenities (parking, public toilet, water supply, etc.)

But what’s about the money collected by various agencies till date? Who will guarantee that the money collected after this notification, will be very strictly used for the purposes mentioned above?

Thanks & with best regards,

B S Vohra

East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

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