Saturday, July 30, 2016

Study on Waste management !

Dear Mr. Vohra ji,

It is really an interesting and vital subject which affects everyone who dwells in a house - rented, owned or otherwise! Here the resident, street cleaner and garbage lifter are all involved. First and foremost we have to teach the residents and their children not to litter at all places, including streets, parks and such other common places but alas , it is not so. They are the worst culprits in spite of the RWAs making all requisite arrangements for arranging to keep the colony clean and tidy. 

Reverting to our arrangements relating to waste management, we have made arrangements through a contractor to go door to door to collect the domestic garbage, the MCD safai karmacharies clean the street and lanes etc. on a daily basis and gather the wastes littered on the streets and gather them at one place which are lifted by the MCD appointed garbage lifter with the assistance of a bullock cart and motorised van. Besides, we have also arranged a man with a cycle cart to go around the colony on a fixed programme to visit the streets and lift the malba, cut out plants etc. to supplement the efforts being made by the MCD. The mallies who are engaged to maintain the parks are expected to remove the leftovers on account of hedge/plants/trees cuttings but alas this is not done periodically and methodically albeit they are also under the banner of MCD! In spite of all these efforts earnestly being made, the residents, including their children, have no civic sense and throw all sort of things on the roads, parks etc. How to educate them is a big task! 

All the garbage etc. lifted from different places in a colony are thrown at a central place carved out/identified for the purpose, in our case in front of a senior secondary school in Anand Vihar, and this place is never cleaned on a daily basis and properly and as a result the garbage collected thereat are strewn all over the area making sickening sight and causing a bad smell too! I feel that unless and until all of us, including the MCD etc. cooperate with each other and imbibe in them a feeling of cleanliness, particularly amongst their children not to litter all over, we cannot achieve our laudable objective of "swatch Bharat"!! Our deep involvement is totally lacking and they don't have the urge to keep their surroundings clean and neat, a sight to be admired! Added an worse thing happens whenever there is a gathering of people in residential areas or at the temples etc. to litter all the residues over the street and nearby places, despite having arranged dustbins etc. located in such places! 

With best regards,
TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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