Sunday, May 31, 2015

Enjoy the best street food at a road side Dhaba !

Parantha is a famous food of Delhi & Punjab and almost everyone of us like to eat Paranthas & that too stuffed with Aloo, Aloo Pyaj as well Egg. Its regularly cooked in our kitchen at our home as a morning breakfast. When out of Delhi, we prefer to eat it, as its time saving.

There are many sources where you can go and have it. ‘Ahuja Number 1’ at Sonipat and ‘Fauji Dhaba’ at Karnal bypass are the most famous ones though many new hotels with Star ratings have come up on this stretch of GT Road such as ‘Haveli’. But today I am writing about the Pranthas of Mool Chand at Delhi itself.

Yeah ! I was quite unknown about this roadside eatery shop. Once I heard about it in one of the newspaper & decided to go there to have its taste.

It was a small Dhaba type on the corner of a road just opposite the mool chand metro station. It was around 6 pm in the evening and I was surprised to find a large number of cars parked here and there & the Paranthas were being served in the car itself.

We parked our car & decided to place the order. Within minutes a young man was standing in front of us, to book the order. We asked for Aloo Parantha as well Aloo pyaj parantha.

Within 5 minutes we had the same in our car with Parantha in a paper plate with chutney, pyaj & green mirch. We asked for Rayta & butter & he brought the same in the split of a second.

Though we are regular eaters of stuffed paranthas & we have tried it at many places, including Five star hotels of Delhi. But the taste of parantha here was a bit different. It was crispy and very tasty.

Soon we finished it and ordered the Egg Parantha. We have tried the same at the ITO also where the shop opens after 10 pm and that too for two hours only for the vendors of newspapers. The egg parantha at Mool Chand looked good & again very crispy & tasty.

As we really enjoyed the Paranthas at Mool Chand, i asked about the history of this Dhaba & how it became so famous. I was told by the person in charge, Vijay, that it was opened in the year 1975 and the owner was  Ram Lal Thakkar.

I was told that they have regular customers from every part of Delhi & many top celebrities also visit the road side Dhaba to have the stuffed parantha. It has become so famous that it has been covered by almost all the newspapers. We were told that if we are there after 8 pm, we have to wait for much longer duration to enjoy the food due to heavy rush there.

We too liked the Road Side food, though it was not that much hygienic as we prefer to eat. But once in a month, we can definitely come here to enjoy it. If you have not yet visited this road side open air Dhaba, for the best street food, plz visit once & have the taste of Delhiites, Desi Food.

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