Monday, April 1, 2019

What should be the minimum parking charges to decongest the city?

When we oppose the proposed parking policy, we are tagged as FREELOADERS with IRRATIONAL FEARS, without even giving a thought that for the last over 30 years, we are parking our own car, inside our own home, as it has ample space for more than one car inside. We are still opposing the so-called proposed parking policy, even though, even at this minute, there are two cars parked outside, by my neighbours in front of my home.

But still considering yours a fruitful proposal for the city, can you just tell us that what should be the minimum parking charges for parking our own car, outside our own home, to decongest this most polluted city? Please elaborate by saying that how soon the city will become, pollution & congestion free after the imposition of the said parking charges?

Awaiting your reply.


B S Vohra

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