Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Pollution control equipment installed at Krishna Nagar by East Delhi RWAs Joint Front

In a war against Pollution and to give clean air to the residents, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front has installed an open-air Pollution control equipment that SUCKS the Air from a radius of 60Ft, FILTERS  the pollutants such as PM10 as well PM2.5 and DISPERSES the clean air, as a relief to the Lungs of the people. 

"To offer clean air to the residents is a True Sewa today, and that too in a city where over 30 thousand persons are killed every year just due to the pollution”, said B S Vohra, President of the East Delhi RWAs Joint Front – Federation. "We are looking for more such places that have a moderate/huge footfall, for installing more such devices, for the benefit of the residents/visitors", says Vohra. 

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