Thursday, April 19, 2018

B S Vohra - an Environment Activist of Delhi

It started with various Published RTIs, various awareness camps, various conferences, various media coverages, and the journey is still ON with no end visible anywhere. WHO says over 30,000 persons are killed every year just due to the pollution. UNICEF says that brains of our kids are shrinking due to the pollution. Chicago University says residents of Delhi & NCR are losing 6 to 9 years of their life due to pollution. But no constructive steps visible anywhere. We the residents have to come forward to raise our huge voice, otherwise, Delhi will soon be a thing of the past.  Who will vouch for the Most polluted, most congested, city that faces Traffic jams, encroachment, potholes, waterlogging, sanitation strikes and a whole lot of nightmares, at almost every corner?

You can contact Mr. B S Vohra, Environment Activist, President, East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation, on his Email ID:  Being the president of the RWAs Federation, he is also very active on all kind of issues concerning the masses.

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