Thursday, January 4, 2018

Status of RWAs in the eyes of Delhi Government?

4th January 2018

Mr Satyender Jain,
Hon'ble Minister Urban Development,
Govt of NCT Delhi

Subject: Status of RWAs in the eyes of Delhi Government: Please go through the ATTACHED order of the Delhi Government, F.18 (101)/UD/Pig./DUDA/2015-16/Voi-II/ 878-902 dated 7.6.2016 regarding Release of funds for Execution of the Plan Scheme "Strg. and Augmentation of Infrastructure i.e. Roads, Streets Localities Streets Lights etc. in each Assembly Constituencies for the year 2016-17.

Dear Sir,

We have been asked by the office of the Hon'ble CM to contact you. Please view the trailing emails.

Before contesting the Delhi Assembly elections, at an RWA meet, on 18th October 2014, at the Rose Avenue, at 2 pm, CM had made huge promises with the RWAs that they will be empowered, RWA Act will be made, Funds will be at the disposal of RWAs for the localized works, but after winning the Elections, you have sidelined the RWAs to such an extent, that your above order for the day to day requirements of localities, does not contain the term RWA, anywhere.

Though the order does not contain the term RWA anywhere, SHOCKINGLY, it contains the term Mohalla Sabha, as below:

4. Beforexecuting the works under MLALAD, DUDA shall be required to open separate bank accounts for each MLA Constituency. The amount of balance fund worked out by UD Deptt. in the current proposal is to be accounted for against MLA Constituency wise by DUDA prior to the start of implementation. The works proposed to be executed under MLALAD Scheme and those proposed to be taken up through Swaraj Fund as recommended by Mohalla Sabhas should not be in conflict with each other and DUDA is to ensure that no duplicity of works is there.

5Separate Assets registers/accounts against works of MLALAD and Mohalla Sabhas are tbe maintained and needs to be continuously updated by DUDA online so that the assets created through MLALAD scheme could be distinguished. This will bring transparency in the execution of works and submission of utilization certificates.

Does it mean that you have sidelined those RWAs, whom you had promised a lot, before the Delhi Assembly elections?

Does it mean, that you do not recognize the RWAs anymore as they are the true critics & not the own party personals in the garb of Mohalla Sabha?

Now almost three years of your Government are nearing completion & we the RWAs of Delhi want to meet you to discuss this issue very seriously. Please, let us know when we can meet you. Our delegation of RWAs will include almost all the Top RWA personalities of Delhi to know about the Status of RWAs in the eyes of Delhi Government.

Looking forward to your most valued communication with the confirmation of Day, Date, Time & Venue.

With best regards,

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

RWAs willing to attend any such meet may share the contact details on We will try our best to call you, depending upon the number of persons allowed by Delhi Government. 

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