Thursday, January 18, 2018

Apolitical RWAs Vs. the Political RWAs of Delhi ?

We have the confirmed news that our Delhi Government has asked for the names of 7 persons from each ward for making the new RWAs. But we just can not understand that why they are ignoring the earlier Registered RWAs of Delhi that are working for the city for the last so many years?

We just can not understand that while we, the existing RWAs of Delhi, do not get any reply to our Emails from the CM's office and we do not get any time to meet him, how & why they are forming new RWAs in this city?

हैरानगी इस बात की भी है कि जिन RWAs के साथ, आप पार्टी के नेता और वर्तमान CM ने बड़े बड़े वायदे किए थे, आख़िर उन RWAs से दिल्ली सरकार को परेशानी क्या है?  
क्या परेशानी का सबब सिर्फ़ इतना है कि दिल्ली की सेवा मे जुटी ये निष्काम और निष्पक्ष RWAs, किसी व्यक्ति या किसी पार्टी विशेष की चमचागिरी ना करते हुए, ग़लत को ग़लत कहने का हौसला रखती हैं?

Does it mean that they do not like the RWAs that are the CRITICS and want to add their own cadres to form their own RWAs, to get the ADVANTAGE in the next elections?

It's really sad and shocking that APOLITICAL bodies are being converted into the Political outfits by our state Government. But one thing is sure that we will strongly oppose any such move.

B S Vohra
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

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