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Roof Top Solar Energy installations with a 30% Subsidy from Delhi Government

In a positive move directed towards making the capital more reliant on Renewable & more specifically Solar energy, New Delhi was tasked with generating 1,000 MW of solar power out of the national quota of 40,000 MW in 2016. Now with the right subsidies in place, the target that was set by the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (MNRE) to be achieved by 2020 from residential and institutional rooftops, is well on its way.

An Elevated Rooftop Installation of 5kW in the busy neighborhood of “Pitampura”

“The Solar Experience” Roof:
Even though 1,000 MW is only part of Delhi’s total solar potential of 2,500 MW with a residential potential of 1,250 MW; Solar Universe India is helping drive the larger movement, which was initially kick-started by Greenpeace India – instrumental in getting the Delhi Government to draft its own Solar Policy in June 2016. Some of the highlights of that policy include:
• Concept of Virtual Net Metering for roofs with limited Solar potential
• Group Net Metering for societies and RWA's
• Generation Based Incentive of Rs 2 PER UNIT for up to 3 years
• Building bylaws amendment for Rooftop Solar Installations
• Tax breaks, benefits, and subsidies

The “Solar Universe India” reasons for Going Solar

How Going Solar Helps You:
The Delhi Government, with the help of its implementing agency and empanelled vendors, is providing UPFRONT SUBSIDY on Rooftop Solar Installations across New Delhi and Solar Universe India (Success Impex Pvt Ltd) is one of those, that provides a subsidy to the end consumers worth up to 30% of the cost of the Solar Plant. More importantly, through a concept called Net Metering, one can earn for the power they generate even when it is not being used, which is especially beneficial for large buildings like educational and religious institutions, hospitals, farmhouses and RWA's.

How Net Metering Works

How Solar Net metering Works:
Upfront Subsidy of up to 30% is available for the following type of buildings:

Institutional Buildings
  • Educational Institutions
  • Schools
  • Universities
  • Health Institutions
  • Hospitals
  • Medical Colleges
         Social Sector
  • Community Centres
  • Welfare Homes
  • Orphanages & Old Age Homes
  • Common Service Centres & Workshops
  • Trusts, NGOs & Voluntary Organizations
Residential Buildings
  • All types including RWA’s

Thanks to the introduction of UPFRONT SUBSIDY (doing away with the old practice of direct disbursement to client bank account after plant commissioning), the payback period of Rooftop Solar Installations has been reduced to less than 42 months. In comparison to industry standards, Solar Universe India (Success Impex Pvt Ltd) is also offering 15% more energy through their installations titled "The Solar Experience".

The Solar Experience:
In New Delhi, most of the houses with roof ownership have a sanctioned load of 11kV and open roof space of 80 sqm which equates to a Solar potential of 8kW. An 8kW Rooftop Solar Installation can earn you Rs 1.05 lakhs every year for up to 25 years and is equivalent to planting 960 trees over the lifetime of the installation.

“20kW Installation Solar Plant with Net Metering”

RWA’s usually have a sanctioned load of 40kVa for common area lighting & energy and can install a solar plant of up to 32kW that will generate approximately 51,000 units per annum (as per the “Solar Experience of Solar Universe India”) for an investment of Rs 14.75 lacs that can be recouped in 30 months and save up to Rs 90 lacs over the lifetime of the Solar Plant.

Schools & larger institutions can export excess energy to the grid for more than 140 days in a year on account of various holidays and recoup their investment in less than 30 months owing to the various monetary benefits being offered.

Going Solar is now as easy as getting a home entertainment system. An 8kW Solar System can be set up in 15-20 days. You can schedule a site feasibility analysis by simply sending a WhatsApp message to +91-9810288787. If you're looking for such an installation (with SUBSIDY) in Delhi, Haryana, Punjab, J&K and Maharashtra or are just curious to know more, contact the above number for more details and go solar today! Solar Universe India, a brand of Success Impex Pvt Ltd have been the pioneers of Solar PV installations in India since 2003. For any more details, please log on to 

The next blog post will address "How Simple It Is to Make Your Home Go Solar" and will answer to all of your questions regarding Finance, Space, and Cleaning of Rooftop Solar Installations.

Having received a Solar Grading of “SP1B” (only 8 out of 551 companies in India have this grading) from the Ministry of New & Renewable Energy (Government of India) symbolizing “Highest Solar Potential & Moderate Financial Capability”, the company has directly or indirectly touched more than 150,000 lives with their solar installations. In New Delhi alone they have carried out more than 60 installations of 1kW to 140kW at residences, schools, gurudwaras and RWA’s.

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