Thursday, October 26, 2017

The environment that gives the residents a Super Life with a Super status

As per Wikipedia, “Environment is everything that is around us. It can be living or nonliving things. It includes physical, chemical and other natural forces. Living things live in their environment. They constantly interact with it and change in response to conditions in their environment.” And this is the hardcore truth. If we are living in a most polluted city, i.e. Delhi, we have to adjust our lives accordingly. If it is the most populated, with massive traffic jams, with many other issues, we have no options, but to adjust our lives accordingly.

As, it is the same city, that gives us a Super Life too. Just enter it from any of its borders and you will feel the difference. The difference, that emerges clearly from your eyes, mind, heart as well as your soul. This political capital of India is a city of Flyovers to move from one end to another. The Metro has given it a greater connectivity that is being enjoyed by one & all. The top-rated Railway stations & Airports have given it a super statusThe beautiful malls on every corner enhance the shopping power of residents to a greater extent. And the emergence of Vodafone as the strong player has made it very well connected digitally & otherwise.

Yeah, we can say that in spite of various issues connecting the National capital, it has got a Super Life and has also resulted in the super development of the NCR areas, such as Gurugram, Faridabad, Noida, Greater Noida as well Sonipat. The residents of these areas are today enjoying a Super Life, but it was not there till a few years ago when there were no flyovers, no big malls & no Delhi Metro. The life was not the same when there was no Vodafone too. I still remember the days of a dozen disconnections, a dozen missed calls, a dozen missed opportunities, every hour, and it was just a routine till Vodafone had not emerged as the strongest service provider in Delhi & NCR. 

I still remember the days when I used to get messages to my SMS that my mobile is out of reach. The service provider that I was using at that time was not strong enough to provide quality signals all over. The result was that there were no incoming rings as I was mostly out of the reach, due to weak signals, and if there was a ring, there was a very low voice both inwards & outwards, that was difficult to hear, and thirdly, the call used to disconnect at every few seconds. The only incoming thing at that time was the hefty bills due to the nuisance mentioned above. And all this was happening in the mega city that is known as New Delhi, all over the world.

I still remember that after my dozens of complaints, the service provider sent a team with certain instruments to check the signal strength at my home & shockingly there was NO CONNECTIVITY at my residence as per that equipment & they were sending me hefty bills and I was forced to pay all those bills every month. The minute Vodafone emerged as the strongest player in the mobile sector, I immediately switched towards Vodafone, years ago, and till date, I have no problem with it.  Thanks to Vodafone as that was the time when my tensions, my problems due to poor connection vanished and till date, I am using the Vodafone as its proud customer.

Vodafone has indeed helped Delhi in getting a super status by digitally connecting the entire Delhi & NCR, as it is already having more than 1.2 crore customers in these areas. Vodafone has also opened Free WI-FI hotspots at various locations to make the City & NCR digitally connected. It is also giving a boost to the new startups. It has also created Airy-purifying bus shelters for the benefit of those traveling in this most polluted city. If you are not yet connected via Vodafone, till date, just try it once for the super life & a  super status. Just log on to

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