Thursday, October 5, 2017

Residents oppose clause in proposed parking policy : The Hindu

The East Delhi Residents’ Welfare Associations Joint Front on Wednesday said it opposed a clause in the proposed parking policy that will charge people for parking their vehicles on roadside outside their houses.
The collective submitted an appeal to the Delhi government’s Transport Department and to the East Delhi Municipal Corporation.
The appeal said that the government can fix as high a charge in commercial hubs, markets, multilevel parking lots and on roadsides, but to charge a fee for parking vehicles outside houses will come as a jolt to the common man.
President of the RWA collective B. S. Vohra said that they will “vehemently oppose” this clause of the new parking policy.

Tax burden

“We are against any parking fee for parking our own vehicles outside our own houses. First the government charges us income tax then we have to pay as much as 28% as GST and other taxes for taking our vehicles out on the road, said Mr. Vohra.
“Apart from this, they charge us road tax and house tax. The government does not want to give us services in return for all the taxes they suck out of us but want to keep charging taxes,” he added.
“Each charge should come with a service in return. Just like if we pay for the parking in designated lots, then it is the operator’s responsibility to keep it safe. So, if we are paying the government for a parking spot outside our houses, will they guarantee that the cars will be kept safe? Will they ensure 100% compensation for each instance of vehicle theft or damage?” Mr. Vohra asked.
He added that the government should also in such case ensure that there are no potholes or waterlogging on roads outside houses where the cars are parked.

‘Explain decision’

Manohar Joshi, a resident of Patparganj and a member of the local RWA, also demanded that the idea behind the implementation of this charge be explained to the people of the city.
“We have asked for an appointment with the special commissioner (transport) regarding charging a fee from residents for using the space outside their own houses. What purpose will it serve? How will it decongest Delhi, and how will it bring down pollution? We just want to understand what purpose does this serve,” he said.
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