Monday, October 2, 2017

May we ask the CAG, on the state of affairs of Delhi Metro?

There are so many questions to be asked from Delhi Metro on the 2nd Tariff hike in less than 6 months, but don't know how, CAG had no question or no comment on the Financial accounts of Delhi Metro ?

Does it mean that the Accounts of Delhi Metro - A Joint Venture between the Central Govt & Delhi Govt are not being Audited by CAGIf yes, how & why the Accounts of a Public Ltd. company are not being Audited by CAG? 

Does it mean that the persons working at Delhi Metro are so perfect, that there is no chance of any human error, mistake or fraud in its books of Accounts & that's why CAG has given it a Clean Chit, vide above letter?

May we ask the CAG if they had viewed the Profit Before Tax figures as well Profit After Tax figures of the last 10 years of Delhi Metro? A simple glance on the figures will automatically generate a dozen questions in mind, on the state of affairs of Delhi Metro.

May we ask the CAG that how the projected expenditure of Delhi Metro has increased by 74% in the past one year, i.e. from Rs 1795 CR in 2016-17 to Rs 3127 CR in 2017-18?

May we ask the CAG that how there is a steep hike in the Operating Expenses of Delhi Metro? How the consultancy & Professional charges increased from 3.09 Lakh to 1,851.58 Lakh? How they could not recover 3,509.91 Lakh from Trade receivables, for which the Bad debts provision is provided?

May we ask the CAG that what was the impact of the First hike of the Tariffs, 6 months ago, on the so called net loss of Rs 378 CR of Delhi Metro?

May we ask the CAG that what was the need to double the tariff in a span of just six months, while the energy costs, staff costs, repair & maintenance costs have risen gradually in a span of 9 years since 2009. Similarly, the ridership also increased gradually, covering all such costs. 

Last but not the least, may we ask the CAG, that how much Service Tax / GST is being charged on the services being provided by Delhi Metro?

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