Thursday, September 14, 2017

Simplified Calculation Chart for Petrol & Diesel Prices in New Delhi - (24th August 2017)

Petrol Price *Diesel Price Calculation *
International Price of Crude Oil with Ocean Freight (as on 24th August 2017)50$ or Rs 3210 per Barrel50$ or Rs 3210 per Barrel
1 Barrel of Crude Oil159 Litre159 Litre
Crude Oil  - Cost per LitreRs 20.19 per LitreRs 20.19 per Litre
Basic OMC Cost Calculation
Entry Tax, Refinery Processing, Landing Cost & Other Operational Costs along with MarginsRs 6.03 per LitreRs 6.38 per Litre
OMC Margin, Transportation, Freight costRs 3.31 per LitreRs 2.55 per Litre
Basic Cost of Fuel after Refining CostRs 29.53 per Litre Rs 29.12 per Litre 
Additional: Excise Duty as Charged by Central Government
Rs 21.48 / Litre on PetrolRs 17.33 / Lit on Diesel
Pricing Charged to Dealers before VATRs 51.01 per LitreRs 46.45 per Litre
Calculating Dealer Retail Price - Base Location Delhi
Commission to Petrol Pump DealersRs 3.23 per LitreRs 2.17 per Litre
Fuel Cost Before VAT (rounded off for approximation)Rs 54.24 per LitreRs 48.62 per Litre
Additional:VAT (Varies from State to State - 27% on Petrol & 16.75% on Diesel + 25p as Pollution Cess with Surcharge)Rs 14.64 / Lit on PetrolRs 8.44 / Litre on Diesel
Final Retail Price as on 24th August 2017 -(calculation)Rs 68.88 per LitreRs 57.06 per Litre

* - Prices as on 24th August 2017
Source : mycarhelpline : LINK 

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