Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Delhi Parking Policy - Why they won't Talk to RWAs?????


Governments love EXPERTS.....  Who suggest ways to increase revenue while SEEMINGLY TRYING TO GIVE SOLUTIONS.

One set of Experts suggest how to earn more by collecting ONE TIME ROAD TAX, another suggests a Cess on Fuel,  yet another suggests Conversion Charges, in a latest an Environmental Group suggests restrictions on Parking and heavy fees......

GOVERNMENTS LOVE IT and Lap it all, as they have done over the past Decade........  THEY WON'T LISTEN TO OR INVITE RWAs, as they demand answers on what have they provided in the name of all the Taxes, Cesses, Conversion Charges etc.....

ZERO......  so where has all the money  collected over the past 15 years gone ????? ...... financing the 5th, 6th and 7th Pay Commissions and Parliamentarian PERKS.

CITIZENS ARE MADE TO BELIEVE, that they are responsible for the mess so they must pay for the SOLUTIONS OFFERED BY SO CALLED EXPERTS.

WE ASK......  where are the Parking Lots that were to be developed, where is the 24X7 SAFE & SURE Public Transport, where is the Last Mile Connectivity, where are the Footpaths,  where are the Policemen or the CCTV camera's....... NO ANSWERS......  therefore NO PUBLIC HEARING.

Finally will you bring in the Rules for Authorised Colonies only or will it be across the board.....  VOTE BANKS INCLUDED ?????

Food for thought....
Regards,  Rajiv Kakria

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