Sunday, September 3, 2017

A vicious circle of Disaster management !

A vicious circle - Disaster occurs - People wake up - People shout - Leaders awake - Leaders come forward - People expect action - Leaders promise - Leaders assure - People go back - People sleep - Leaders go back - Leaders sleep - Leaders vanish - Everyone waits for the next disaster - and the vicious circle of disaster management continues & keeps on rotating. 

It's going on since last many, many years. One accident leads to another, one disaster leads to another, leaders come, grow and go, things remain same. Nothing changes. Huge promises to fool the public, and public prefers to be fooled by the leaders. Nothing constructive ever happens to resolve the issues. 

Yamuna will be cleaned. WhenTraffic jams will go. How ? Pollution will come down. When ? Encroachment will be removed. How ? Disaster management will be strengthened. When ? Just huge promises year after year, but without any answers.

Ghazipur to Bhalaswa, Bhalaswa to Rani khera / Ghonda, yet another environmentally disastrous landfill sites into making. Though Rani Khera was selected two years ago, no one ever planned to clean the SMOKING MOUNTAINS of garbage at two prime spots, causing very serious environmental issues. 

Don't you think that they must come forward with constructive decisions and a very serious long term planning, for waste management, disaster management, pollution, encroachment, traffic jam, potholes, cave ins, water logging, parking etc., and so on. 

But the problem is, every such issue just induces the leaders to impose yet another cess or tax for more collections. It's been heard, that hefty parking charges are to be imposed for parking your own car, in front of your own home. Up to 28% GST on almost everything in the market, and they have levied 3.75% additional cess on the Electricity bills, in the name of the pension. Strange & Shocking.

B S Vohra,
Social Activist, President,
East Delhi RWAs Joint Front - Federation

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