Saturday, April 15, 2017

RWAs release public manifesto - Times of India

Apr 15 2017 : The Times of India (Delhi)
RWAs release 
public manifesto
New Delhi:

RWAs have come out with their own manifesto and have written to all the three prime political parties ­ BJP , Congress and AAP -to highlight their issues in the parties' manifestos. The manifesto has a list of 15 issues pertaining to the residents and highlights issues of the capital.B S Vohra, RWA president of East Delhi Joint Front, said that while all three political parties are busy in their blame game, it is important to shift their focus on the real issues that the residents have been suffering for many years.
“We have made a list of 15 issues and have appealed to all parties to highlight them in their manifestos. They should highlight issues that are associated directly with the public and should not have any vested interest,“ Vohra said.
In the letter, the RWAs have sought a solution and assurance from the political parties to take up the issues and put an end to them.
“The most important point that we want to highlight is that there should be coordination among different parties.It has been evident in the last two years how east Delhi has suffered when sanitation workers were not paid their salaries and instead of coming up with a solution, what followed was a blame game between BJP-led east corporation and AAP-led Delhi government,“ he said.
The public manifesto highlights issues like pollution, poor garbage collection, landfill fire, overflowing dhalaos, encroachment, parking, bad quality of roads, stray animals menace etc. Vohra pointed out that the issue of funds between civic bodies and Delhi government should be resolved and corruption in municipalities is a major cause of concern for the residents.

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