Thursday, April 20, 2017

RWAs Empowerment & the Manifesto of BJP, Congress, AAP

Dear Mr Vohra,

My inner heart prompts and impels and compels me to richly compliment and heartily congratulate you and your relentless efforts to bring the RWAs to the forefront have at last partially borne fruit and we wish and hope that the parties, whichever win and come to power, remember their assurances given in their respective manifestos and don't throw away them and act according to their whims and fancies and arbitrarily and arrogantly obliging their own 'chamchas' who had helped them in their campaign! We had been seeing this disgusting sight in the past and we wish they don't follow the tradition in this sphere and change drastically their attitude and become receptive and responsible with humility and respect to elders etc. You are aware that the local MLA or the MP cannot easily be met and express our grievances and they don't act upon them and resolve them. This is the state of affairs, pardon me to say so, which I speak from experience! Like we go often to temple, Gurdwara or Church and Mosque to pray, we have to worship, prostrate and beg before them to ventilate our grievances! It is unfortunate but we are helpless!! I wonder when the time will come that they listen to our grievances and resolve them on a time bound basis and reply to us also! They have to become e-savy too, as all facilities are provided to them. You would wonder that all the e-mails sent to our local Councillor had not been seen and attended too, as he was not conversant with the same but only personal visit alone with a begging bowl will be attended to and that too on unjustified basis!

We wish you all luck in your sincere and ceaseless efforts in upholding the pivotal role being played by the RWAs who know better the difficulties and grievances better and they could present them more effectively and efficiently rather than depending on hear-say of individuals etc. Of course, in RWAs too, there are some vested interested persons who have been holding offices time immemorial and they don't have a long term vision for improvement of the colonies but short term goals and effort to get immediate panacea instead of resolving the problems on a long term basis which will benefit one and all.

The newly elected MCD Councillors have to pay immediate attention to cleanliness of the colonies, maintaining parks and regulating parking of vehicles and demolish all encroachments on roads etc. making a safe path for pedestrians and find ways and means to remove congestin on roads, which mainly pollute the air and affect the health and wealth(?) of people. The usage of water and power will increase manifold with the scorching summer is on in all furies and regulate them judiciously so that everyone gets an equitable share of these two precious things. We may have to sacrifice, if necessary, our luxuries to ensure that all people live comfortably and happily and healthily which will bring about immense pleasure 'anand hi anand' in their lives! 

With deep regards and once again we congratulate you on your herculean efforts being made in all directions to make EAST DELHI THE BEST in all respects, where 1/3 of the population live, bordering the biggest state UP!!

TK Balu/Anand Vihar

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